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Farm and Ranch Storage

At Metal Depots, we are a proud provider of metal buildings for the agricultural industry. Having a Metal Depots farm/ranch storage building has several advantages. First and most importantly, metal storage buildings have low upkeep. The amount of maintenance required is very minimal because metal does not produce mildew or rot like wood does. You can get the structure engineered to withstand wind speeds in your area. Our metal storage buildings can handle a wind load of 130 mph or more. In addition, you can get all the secondary framing and main framing galvanized to hold up to conditions of livestock. All our metal farm/ranch storage buildings have 40-year paint warranties.

Second, the options are endless when it comes to your metal storage building. You can create a custom design with different combinations of structures, sizes and accessory features below:


  • Open wall conditions
  • Lean to’s
  • Partition walls
  • Gutters and downspouts (for rain water collection as it is high in nitrogen)
  • Vents
  • Windows
  • Roll up doors
  • Mezzanines
  • Insulation
  • Canopies
  • Purlin extensions
  • Dimensions (up to 100 wide, 200 long, 25ft tall)


  • Endless

Optional features

  • Doors
  • Windows
  • Air vents


  • Continuous roof vents
  • Roll up doors
  • Walk doors
  • Light transmitting panels
  • Windows
  • Gutter systems

Customizable features

  • Roof only structures
  • Slimeline ® canopies
  • Structural canopies
  • Lean-to’s
  • Straight main frames and tapered main frames
  • Single slope structure
  • Gable unsymmetrical and gable symmetrical structures

For our metal buildings, columns, rafters, cladding, and accessories, we typically use the following materials:

  • 26 gauge PBR panels
  • 8” I beams
  • 8”purlins and girts
  • Base angles or bottom low base girts
  • Gutters, downspouts and simple trim packages

Secondary Framing and Main Frames: PBR panels or PBU panels are used for the exterior wall and roof sheeting. Your Secondary Framing and Main Framing may be galvanized as an option.

Third, we offer a fast and efficient ordering process. The building process typically takes 6-8 weeks to get the building delivered. The timeline of events goes as follows:

1. Preliminary contracts: After going through all the paperwork, we require a 25% deposit before engineering, drafting and production.

2. Engineering: We typically provide engineered drawing packages, which takes anywhere from two to four weeks depending on building complexity and workload.

3. Foundation: After you receive the drawings, the construction of the concrete slab begins. Depending on the location of the jobsite, various inspections might have to be done, including a soil sample. formation of pad depending on the amount of fill that needs to be accumulated, foundation engineering, and inspections)

4. Building delivery: Unloading the building and checking all the parts from a bill of materials (customer needs to have a means to unload)

5. Erecting the building: the final stage of your metal building process.

Fourth, unlike our competitors, we provide personal contact and customer care by the building experts at Metal Depots. Most of our customers are end users who know little about the process and requirements needed for metal buildings. We can save you money by being your guide and middle person for connecting you with an erector and a concrete provider. In addition, most of our competitors tend to reduce the amount of bracing to save on costs. We guarantee sufficient bracing to keep your Metal Depots building safe and structurally sound.

At Metal Depots we assist the end user every step of the way. We take the customers building project into a personal project by fully understanding their needs. Our buildings are sheeted using only panels of highest quality paint protection from Valspar Weather XL formulation. Our structures are designed by Cornerstone Building Brands which is a part of the MBMA (Metal Buildings Manufactures Association).


Metal Depots buildings are made so you can store anything that you need to keep out of the weather. Our buildings are most commonly used by our customers for livestock, farming products and crop storage.


We provide a 40-year warranty on our paint finishes.

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