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Horse Riding Arenas

At Metal Depots, we can provide top-notch equestrian facilities created and maintained for accommodating, training, or competing equestrian enthusiasts. Our metal buildings provide a secure and comfortable riding environment, offering riders and spectators the comfort of a sheltered venue. Our buildings can be designed with customization in mind, allowing for special engineering to withstand any lighting, cooling and heating needs. A major benefit of a Metal Depots building for your riding arena is the vast amount of clear space to work with. The interior design possibilities are endless when it comes to tac rooms, storage and instructional/viewing areas.

Using Metal Buildings for a horse-riding arena will allow the structure more durability than the typical wood framed stables and barns. Metal buildings are engineered to withstand the harshest weather conditions and environments.

At Metal Depots, we strive to understand our customers’ needs and believe in commitment to excellence from project inception to finish. We offer a variety of design options for your equestrian structure from animal friendly galvanized framing for both primary and secondary framing to many wall and skylight options.


Our metal buildings are comprised of heavy steel, Main frames, and secondary framing. PBR and PBU panels are typically used in 26 gauge commercial grade for roof and walls. In addition to the extensive customization we can provide, we also offer an insulated roof only option, which is common on riding arenas. The maintenance level of our buildings is extremely low because unlike wood, metal has a lengthy lifespan and does not produce mildew or rot.


Metal Depots buildings are made so you can store anything that you need to keep out of the weather. Our buildings are most commonly used by our customers for equestrian purposes, livestock, farming products, and crop storage.


At Metal Depots we offer a 40-year finish warranty on all of our metal buildings.

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