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Tractor and Truck Garages

Metal storage buildings and garages can protect your costly equipment against the harsh factors that work to devalue them such as, weather, pests, vandalism, and theft.  Securing your valuable equipment in a secure steel structure is the best solution against these threats.

Our metal buildings are most often used to store utility tractors as well as specialty tractors but can store all types of equipment.  Therefore, we have different sizes and colors to suit your storage needs and a remarkable clear span design maximizes every inch by freeing the space of beams and posts that could limit you.

We believe its important to know everything your metal tractor storage unit can do for you, so we promise that our team will do what it takes to help you understand every benefit of our buildings.  We hold ourselves to a high standard by engineering our products through Cornerstone Building Brands and are monitored by the MBMA (Metal Building Manufacturers Association).

Garage & Tractor Storage Warranty

When you choose our metal garages you’re choosing storage that is built to last.  We set ourselves apart by only using PBR wall and roof panels to prevent rust, weather damage, and pest damage.  Our machinery storage buildings are composed of built-main frames as well as secondary framing.  The benefit of our method is that your structure will be durable yet very low maintenance.

Metal Depots' ordering process usually takes about 6 to 8 weeks to complete. All aspects of the ordering process will be handled by our local, in-house, friendly and knowledgeable staff. At Metal Depots we offer a 40-year finish warranty on all of our metal buildings.

We respect the work you do and want to play our part in ensuring you can keep your equipment in tip-top shape.  You won’t be disappointed with Metal Depots storage building or the service we offer.  


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