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Aircraft Hangars

Order a custom aircraft hangar building kit from Metal Depots. Our metal building kits are a durable and cost-effective solution for storing your aircraft. Each prefab metal airplane hangar is manufactured to your specifications and pre-punched and pre-welded for quick construction. We also provide stamped engineered drawings, allowing for an easier permitting process.

Great Protection for Your Aircraft

We recognize that airplanes are an expensive investment. Our steel hangars are durable, so they'll protect your aircraft from high winds, heavy snow and other elements. These metal buildings are fire resistant, and it's easy to install and maintain a fire suppression system within. With this durability comes lower maintenance costs, so more of your time and money can go toward your aircraft.

Completely Customizable Aircraft Storage

Our airplane hangar buildings can be customized to accommodate most aircrafts. Our steel aircraft hangars can house a variety of aircrafts including gliders, helicopters, jets, military aircrafts, single/multi engine aircrafts, commercial aircrafts and crop dusters.

These metal hangars feature clear-span framing which allows for more open space to store and maintain your aircraft. Within the metal building, you can easily install an overhead crane system for easy aircraft maintenance. You can also customize your airplane hangar with one of multiple available door options including roll-up, sliding, folding and bi-fold doors. Just give us the measurements!

With the flexibility that metal buildings offer, you can easily customize the layout of your airplane hangar to accommodate a variety of functional spaces. We know that a variety of tools and spare parts are necessary for maintaining an aircraft, so you can add a designated storage space to your building. Additionally, you can customize your metal airplane hangar building to accommodate second story living quarters.

Our prefab metal airplane hangar buildings come standard with a 40-year finish warranty. They can be manufactured and delivered in 4-6 weeks. Contact us today for a functional and durable custom storage solution for your aircraft!

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