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Choose a metal building kit from Metal Depots for your bank building. Metal buildings are a cost-efficient, durable and completely customizable building solution.

Pre-Engineered for Cost Efficiency

Our metal bank buildings are cost-efficient. Each piece of your custom metal building kit is manufactured to fit your specifications. Our pre-engineered kits come pre-punched and pre-welded for easy erection. We also provide stamped engineered drawings, allowing for an easier permitting process. This means that you can open the doors to your bank sooner.

Long-Lasting Bank Building Solution

Metal framing is more durable than other alternatives, meaning you'll spend less time maintaining your metal bank building and more time overseeing day-today operations. Our metal bank buildings can stand up to the elements including, fire, heavy snow and high winds. You can rest assured that the valuables your customers have stored in safe deposit boxes will be protected.

Metal Depots' metal bank buildings have a 40-year finish warranty. Our products are engineered by Cornerstone Building Brands and they adhere to standards put forth by the Metal Building Manufacturers Association.

Flexible Design for Complete Customization

Choosing metal as your building material allows for added flexibility with the layout of your metal bank building. The metal framing of our buildings allows for clear-span construction. Since the metal framing is so strong, it is self-supporting, and no interior columns are needed. This means that you can partition the inside of your metal bank building however you like. You can create a comfortable lobby space for your customers. You also have the freedom to add in smaller offices for financial consultations. The interior customization options are virtually endless, so you can create a functional space for your bank building.

If you choose a metal building for your bank, you can customize the exterior to fit your aesthetic preferences. You have the freedom to add windows and doors wherever you want to. You can also customize your bank's exterior with stone, stucco, Hardie siding, insulated metal panels or horizontal or vertical wall panels. With all the options available, you can give your metal bank building a professional and polished look.

Our metal buildings can accommodate the typical needs of a bank. We can manufacture metal bank buildings in a variety of sizes to fit your needs. You can customize your building to include drive through structures to provide your customers with easy banking access. You can also add awnings to provide shade for your customers and decrease energy costs.

If you're looking for a cost-efficient, durable metal banking building, request a quote from Metal Depots today! Our sales representatives will help you design the perfect space for your needs.

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