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Car Wash

Choose a metal building kit from Metal Depots to build your car wash. Our prefab car wash buildings are cost-efficient, long-lasting and versatile, with customizable options to fit your business's needs.

Cost-Efficient Car Wash Solution

Our metal car wash buildings are quick to construct, saving you time and money that you can put back into your car wash business. Each piece of our metal building kit is manufactured to designed specifications, pre-punched and pre-welded for easy erection. We also provide stamped engineered drawings which expedite the permitting process.

Long-Lasting Option

Our steel car wash buildings are durable and maintenance free. We offer a variety of galvanized framing options ideal for an environment where corrosion is possible. One of the biggest benefits of purchasing a metal car wash buildings lies in its durability. Our metal buildings offer a "Class A" Fire Rating and are engineered to withstand high winds and heavy snow loads for your specific area. They're constructed from non-combustible materials which could save you money on your insurance. With the longevity of our metal car wash building, you'll be able to spend less time and money maintaining your building.

Flexible Design for Functionality

Our metal buildings feature clear-span framing which allows for higher ceiling clearance, more open space without interior columns and drive through capabilities. With the flexible clearance heights, you can accommodate a variety of vehicles, including commercial trucks and smaller personal vehicles. This also allows for the necessary space to include the specialized machinery associated with your car wash business. You also have the flexibility to add detailing bays or washing tunnels in multiple sizes to cater to a variety of vehicle types. We have a variety of roll-up door options available for these bays. Provide us with your measurements, we can do the rest.

Further customize the interior of your metal car wash building by creating a lobby space for customers to wait while their vehicles are being cleaned. You can also add office spaces for your employees as well as storage spaces for cleaning supplies.

For the exterior of your car wash building, you can choose from a variety of eye-catching colors. Add decorative wainscot, parapets or facades to make your business stand out. Structural overhangs can be added to the design, allowing you to provide shelter from the rain or sun. Door and window canopies may also be added to the exterior of your building to provide shelter from the elements at entry points.

Depending on complexity, our metal building kits can be manufactured and delivered within 6-8 weeks. Contact Metal Depots today for a customized car was building solution!

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