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Choose a metal building kit from Metal Depots for your restaurant building. Our kits are completely customizable to fit your unique needs - from the exterior to the interior, you can add your own flare to make a functional and appealing space for your customers. A steel restaurant building from Metal Depots is a cost-effective and long-lasting solution.

Long-Lasting Restaurant Building Solution

One of the biggest benefits of purchasing a steel restaurant building lies in its durability. Our metal buildings offer a "Class A" Fire Rating and are engineered to withstand high winds and heavy snow loads for your specific area. Compared to traditional wood framing, our kits are manufactured with non-combustible materials that are resistant to termites and mold; which can result insurance savings. With this durability comes reduced maintenance costs which allow you to put more of your revenue back into running your restaurant.

Completely Customizable Design

With a steel building, you don't have to sacrifice aesthetics for durability. We realize that the industrial look of a metal building isn't right for every business. You can customize the exterior of your metal restaurant building to look more like a traditional building by adding stucco, brick, wainscoting or parapet walls to the outside. Within your restaurant building, you can easily mount drop ceilings, lighting, or sprinkler systems since collateral loads can be added into our restaurant building kits.

Since our metal buildings feature clear-span framing, the interior layout customization options are virtually endless. This allows for more open floor space so you can accommodate more tables in your dining area. You can partition your restaurant building however you please to create a functional space for your business. You can create a large kitchen for your staff to prepare food. Easily add an office space for your managers so they can oversee the daily functions of your restaurant. You can also add a waiting area or bar area for your guests.

The versatility of our metal buildings also makes them ideal for use as a restaurant. Our metal restaurant buildings can be easily remodeled or updated as your restaurant business grows.

You can order our prefab restaurant building kits in any size you need. Each piece is pre-punched, pre-welded and manufactured to your specifications for easy construction. We will provide stamped and engineered drawings to help expedite the permitting process. Depending on complexity, our kits can be manufactured and delivered in 6-8 weeks.

For a durable and completely customizable prefab restaurant building solution, request a quote from Metal Depots today! Our sales representatives will help you create a functional and appealing space for your restaurant.

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