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Benefits of Steel Buildings

  • Thinking about starting a business or creating an extra storage space for your home? There are several reasons why choosing a steel building over traditional construction materials could be a smarter option.

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    1. Durability

    Steel is an extremely durable building material. Many metal panels included on steel buildings are designed to stand up to severe weather including high winds, heavy snow, lightning and hail. Some can even withstand wind loads between 90 to 150 mph, providing you with peace of mind that your family, belongings and other assets are protected.

    Steel is a non-combustible, fire resistant material, making it the perfect building material for hobby shops or garages where machinery is used.

    Since steel is an inorganic building material it is resistant to mold, mildew and fungal growth. You'll also never have to worry about structural damage from termites or other insects. Compared to wood framing, high-quality steel will not rot, war or twist over time, so you can trust that your building will stand strong for years to come.

    2. Low-Maintenance

    A result of its durability, steel comes with low building maintenance requirements and costs. To help set them apart from traditional building materials, many metal building manufacturers also offer panels in a variety of colors. While the colors provide customization options, there are also other protective elements in premium pain coatings/finishes like those offered by Metal Depots that are covered by finish warranties so you don't have to worry about the paint chalking and fading prematurely. For example, Metal Depots' Signature® 200 paint coatings are suitable for architectural, commercial & industrial and residential applications and feature a 40-year finish warranty while our Galvalume® Plus panel features a 20-year finish warranty.

    Since steel is pest-resistance, you won't have to regularly treat your building with pesticides or repair costly structural damage from termites and other insects. Likewise, steel buildings also don't typically require the same level of prevention against mold, mildew and fungus growth another reduction in maintenance unique to metal buildings.

    Because steel frames aren't likely to allow the twisting or warping of the structure, you are not likely to need to worry about fixing sheetrock cracks, sagging door frames and other related issues. 

    3. Cost-Efficiency

    Steel buildings are often more cost-efficient when compared to buildings made from wood and other traditional materials. Although the initial cost for metal building materials may be higher than more traditional building materials, there are several factors which make them a better investment in the long run.

    In addition to the savings possibilities in maintenance areas like regular cleanings and pest-control, metal building like those offered by Metal Depots deliver a complete building kit ready for assembly when it's delivered to your building site. Since the components are already pre-punched and produced to length, less time is typically required to assemble your building. Not only can this save you money on construction in the form of reduced equipment costs and man-hours required for assembly and erection as compared to traditional wood framing, but it can also enable you or your client to occupy the building more quickly. 

    These benefits not only save you money in the form of maintenance costs and rental availability, many insurance companies often provide better rates as steel buildings offer increased security against insurable incidents.

    4. Flexible Design

    Steel buildings featuring clear-span framing don't require interior columns for support. As a result, the interior layout is completely customizable. You can decide to keep the space open to allow space for your hobby, business, storage or recreational activities, or you can add partition walls to create separate spaces within your building that best suit your needs. This flexibility provides opportunities to quickly and cost-efficiently expand your metal building later.

    For the building exterior, there are a variety of metal roof and wall panel options available for you to choose from, so you can create the look you want. In addition, these panels are available in a wide variety of premium colors in high-quality finishes that protect the panels for years to come.

    5. Energy-Efficient

    Steel buildings feature deep wall cavities, allowing for high-quality insulation that can be difficult to manage in more traditional construction. The precisely-constructed pre-engineered design also ensures that doors and windows close tightly, reducing air leakage. Additionally, a variety of reflective pain finishes can be used to help reflect the sun's rays. All these factors reduce the cost of heating or cooling your structure.

    6. Environmentally Friendly

    Compared to wood buildings, steel buildings are an environmentally-friendly alternative. They're 100 percent recyclable and use less energy and raw materials than their wood-based counterparts.

    Contact an experience sales representative today to design a custom steel building for your unique application.

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