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  • Do you install steel buildings or metal building kits?

    No, we do not install the custom buildings or steel building kits. 


    Do you have local installer recommendations? 

    Metal Depots does not refer or recommend, but we can provide a contractors list for your choosing available at your local Metal Depots store


    Will you deliver the building to my construction site? Does it cost extra?

    Yes, we do deliver to the construction site, but we do not unload the buildings. The delivery price is included in you quote. Customers must be present at the time of delivery and must have a means to unload the building, such as a forklift or front-end loader. 


    How does delivery and pick-up work?

    Delivery: To deliver the building, the job site must be accessible by a 40' flat bed and the customer and/or building owner must have a means to unload.

    Pick-Up: Customer must bring a truck, trailer or both and have a means to secure their material after we help load it. 


    What type of warranties do you offer?

    Our 40-year finish warranties are offered on roof and wall panels. There is also a series of weathertightness warranties offered on certain panels using certified installers. Ask a sales representative for pricing and details, or view our warranties page


    What equipment do I need to erect my metal building?

    A forklift would suffice for most buildings. A crane and sky lift may be required for larger buildings. If you don't own this equipment, there are many companies to choose from when looking to rent, including RSC Equipment Rental and Romco Equipment.


    How do I assemble my steel building?

    Metal Depots provides erection drawings with detailed assembly steps. Your framing will have piece marks on them and a corresponding illustration in the drawings. Installation manuals are available under the Resource section of our website to further assist you.

    What type of foundation is required?

    No foundation is required; however, concrete slabs are typical in most buildings. Engineered footings at column lines are required and need to be designed by a local engineer due to varying soil conditions. 


    Are steel buildings stronger than wood-framed buildings?

    Yes, steel buildings can support more weight and can withstand harsh weather conditions, while wood gets softer and can break or snap over time. Steel buildings are also low maintenance, cost efficient and fire resistant. 


    What are my roofing panel options?

    Metal Depots roofing panels include 5V Crimp, LokSeam®, PBR, PBU, Retro-R®, Rustic C, Slimline® and Stormproof®. Our panels have a 40-year paint warranty, longevity, durability, energy efficiency, as well as fire and impact resistance. 


    Can I insulate a steel building?

    Yes, we offer fiberglass insulation for your steel building. 


    Can I paint my steel building?

    Metal Depots provides a vast array of color options for your metal building project. You can view our options in our color charts and start bringing your projects to life with our color visualizer. Painting the panels on your own would void the paint warranty.


    Will my building rust?

    Steel buildings are designed to withstand the most vigorous of weather conditions. They can withstand cold weather and snow, high winds and rain, as well as dry climates with high heat. Any scratches that penetrate the coating will leave the metal vulnerable to rust and other corrosion. 


    What are the wind loads of steel buildings?

    The wind loads of steel buildings can range from 90 mph to 130 mph. 


    Do you offer financing?

    Yes, you may apply for credit by completing our online application that gives eligible customers immediate approval. 


    How much do I need to put down on my building to get it ordered?

    We require at least 25% of total cost.


    Do your buildings come with foundation drawings?

    No, we do not provide foundation drawings due to varying soil conditions and building regulations.


    How long will it take to get my building after I order it?

    Turnaround time can take 8 to 12 weeks, depending on complexity of the building design.


    How long will it take to get my drawings after I order my building?

    This process usually takes about 2-3 weeks, depending on the complexity of the building.

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