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Metal Fencing

Make an architectural statement today with metal panel fencing from Metal Depots! Steel panel fencing offers full privacy while still appealing to industrial/modern style by offering cleaner lines and more diverse color options. In addition, steel panel fencing is cost efficient and affordable due to its simple installation and long-term nature. 

Metal panel fencing can be utilized across a range of industries such as commercial, industrial, and residential applications. PBR is our best-selling panel offering due to its application versatility. PBU is mainly used in light commercial and residential settings. While Metal Depots services most industries, our most common fencing panels are:

  • PBU
  • Reverse Rolled PBU
  • PBR
  • PBC
  • 7.2 Panel
  • PBD
  • Rustic C

Our panel offerings are not tied to just one specific industry or application. We will work with you to select the specific product to fit your preferences and project specifications.

Steel vs Aluminum Fencing

Steel panel fencing by Metal Depots offers a variety of advantages over aluminum panel fencing. Steel panels have higher impact resistance resulting in a more long-term fencing solution. Steel panels also have class A fire resistance due to the heavy and more durable qualities. 

Metal Panel Sizes & Finishes

Metal Depots can work with custom dimensions as well as with the most common needs. Common Dimensions for metal fencing include:

  • Widths: 24”, 32”, and 36”
  • Lengths: 2’ to 50’
  • Commercial and Industrial applications: 36” x 120"
  • Residential applications: 36’ x 84”

All metal fence applications should not span more than 8’ post to post. If the panel is greater than 8’ three horizontal supports would be needed.

The finishes best suited for metal fencing panels are Galvalume Plus and all Signature® 200 Painted Offerings. However, Metal Depot will work with you to evaluate the best finish for your specific metal panel fencing application.

Experts in Metal Panel Fencing

Here at Metal Depots we help customers in throughout all stages, whether that be pulling together a material list or guiding them through the beginning steps of the process.  Before a metal panel fence is installed we always encourage our customers to get with their material installer as well as with local permitting officers to confirm their materials are compatible while also not violating any local limitations. Have any questions? Call the metal panel fencing experts today at Metal Depots!

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