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  • Welcome to Metal Minutes: a podcast series where we dive into frequently asked questions and hot topics in the metal construction industry.

    In each episode, subject matter experts from across the Cornerstone Building Brands family share their expertise and knowledge relevant to many types of projects and applications. Learn from industry leaders who collectively have hundreds of years of experience and apply these best practices to your next project.

  • Selecting Metal Panels Based on Roof Slope

    When specifying a metal roof system, choosing the correct panel is a key factor. In this episode, we discuss the main things to consider when choosing a metal roof with regard to roof slope, including building codes and minimum slope requirements.

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    Top 5 FAQs About Metal Building Insulation

    Insulation is a key aspect in achieving thermal efficiency for your metal building, so it's important to be informed on the best practices for installation and application. In this episode, we discuss answers to the most frequently asked questions about metal building insulation.

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    Metal Panel Gauges: What You Need to Know

    The thickness of your metal panels may mean more than you think. In our first episode of our new podcast series, we get the scoop on metal panel gauges.

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