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Handyman Series

Whether you need extra storage or additional workspace for your hobbies, the Handyman Series Building Kits are easily assembled and available in a variety of color combinations.

Starting At


Widths: 18', 21' or 24'
Lengths: minimum of 24' with unlimited 12' bay add-ons
Eave Heights: 11'2" or 13'2"
  • Detailed erection drawings
  • Additional options are available
  • 26-gauge PBR metal roof and wall panels
  • Wall panels and trim available in Signature® 200 colors
  • Roof panels available in Galvalume®; may upgrade to Signature® 200 color
  • Simple eave and gable trim standard; gutters and downspout optional

The only building of its kind on the market, the Metal Depots Handyman Series consists of a unique hybrid framework of wood post columns and steel framing, ensuring that it’s as economical as it is customizable. With simplified assembly and a lead time of approximately one week, you can have your Handyman up and ready to go in no time.

Customize your Handyman Series building to your exact specifications. Each kit is cut to length and comes with pre-punched holes, thus eliminating measuring concerns and making installation quick and easy. The Handyman can be assembled on a level dirt, crushed rock or concrete pad. If desired, a concrete slab can be poured after the substructure has been constructed. It is available for order with or without insulation.



Framed Openings

  • All 8' high
  • Widths: 8', 14', or 16'
  • Optional on each end wall

DBCI Overhead Doors for Framed Openings

  • Chain hoist
  • All 8' high
  • Widths: 8', 14', or 16'
  • Rollup door with inside locks and mounting plates
  • Standard in white; may upgrade to any of DBCI’s Standard Colors

Dominion Walk Doors

  • All 7' high
  • Widths: 3' or 4'
  • Available in white
  • Solid, smooth finish leaf
  • Cylinder lever handle lock
  • 6 ¼" wide knock-down frame
  • Include weather strip kit, threshold, and hinges

Dominion Horizontal Sliding Windows

  • All 3' high
  • Widths: 3' or 4'
  • Mill Aluminum finish
  • Aluminum PBR framing fins and cover fins
  • Horizontal slide window, non-insulated, clear glass

Gutters and downspouts are optional. When choosing gutters and downspouts, remember there are two downspouts (one on each side wall) for every twelve feet of building length.

For your wood post columns, we will provide you with a complete materials list, enabling you to purchase your wood from the vendor of your choice.


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