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The fastest route to superior metal buildings.

Hypersteel™️ cold-formed buildings offer the fastest design and production within our building solutions portfolio. Experience the benefits of metal buildings while saving time and effort. Hypersteel cold-formed buildings are designed and manufactured at an accelerated pace, making installation easier with long-lasting performance.


Built fast. Really fast.

Efficiency lies at the core of Hypersteel buildings, starting with the steel we utilize. Our cold-formed manufacturing process allows for rapid lead times – in just a matter of weeks, we transform your building from design to delivery. By utilizing metal bending instead of welding, this process results in a straightforward, lightweight structure that maximizes the strength of steel for longevity and durability.


More speed, less complexity.

Our streamlined design and ordering software simplify the design, engineering and ordering stages, providing full transparency and comprehensive support throughout the project. Our proprietary design software provides clear installation details and accommodates a variety of foundation options for jobsite flexibility to get your building up and operational.


Don’t settle for any conventional buildings

When compared to conventional buildings, nothing surpasses the quality, durability, and long-term value of a Hypersteel cold-formed building. Take a detailed look at how Hypersteel buildings compare against other options in our informative infographic.

Hypersteel Buildings vs. Others


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