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Metal Building Kits

Whether you are looking to store personal items or large equipment, Metal Depots has the right steel building kit for you. We offer kits in many sizes with a range of customizations to meet your specific needs. Our experienced sales representatives will help you choose or design the perfect building for your needs, and have it delivered to you in 6 to 8 weeks. 

Each piece in your DIY steel building kit is pre-sized and pre-punched for ease of installation. Each kit comes with all the accessories you'll need as well as detailed installation information. Save time and money on construction costs by choosing a metal building kit from Metal Depots. Our durable prefab metal buildings come standard with a 40-year finish warranty on the walls and a 20-year galvalume warranty on the roof. 

  • Backyard Series

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    Available in different sizes with many options.

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  • Handyman Series

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    The only building of its kind, combining wood columns and steel framing.

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  • Professional Series

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    Designed in five standard sizes, providing an economical way to meet usage requirements.

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  • Choosing the Right Steel Building Kit
    Metal Depots offers a variety of sizes, colors and customization options so you can create the perfect building. We offer three different kit packages and the ability to create custom kits. 

    Our Backyard Buildings, and Handyman Series are best for small to medium sized sheds or hobby shops. These kits are ideal for storing gardening tools, bicycles, and lawn maintenance equipment. You can also turn them into a workshop for your personal projects. The Professional Series suits more robust applications such as a garage for vehicles or farm equipment storage or a larger workshop. These buildings are ideal for storing tractors, trucks, and other large machinery. 

    Custom kits are available as well to make the perfect building for your needs if you don't see what you need with our different kit options. 

    Customizing Your Kit
    Built with the highest quality steel, these prefab building kits can be modified with a range of accessories to fit your needs. Choose from a variety of doors, windows, vents, floor kits and roofing. There are also a variety of  colors to further customize the look of your building kit. Use our metal building color visualizer to try out different color combinations and find the perfect color scheme for your building.

    For buildings that will be used for vehicle storage, easily add roll-up doors to make your building more accessible. For more extreme climates, you can add insulation to regulate the temperature inside your metal building.

    Ready to move forward on your Metal Depots steel building kit? Request a quote from one of our project experts. 

    Metal Building Kit Features
    Each building kit comes with all the accessories necessary to erect your shed, workshop or garage including frames, girts, bolts, purlins and screws. It also comes with a 3010-entry door, galvalume roof and colored wall panels.

    • Primary & Secondary Framing
    • Red Oxide
    • Necessary Bracing
    • Accommodates roof pitches from 1:12 to 4:12
    • 26-gauge panels

    Installing Your Steel Building Kit
    Our DIY backyard steel building kits are quick and easy to install. With our professional series, more assistance might be necessary.

    With the purchase of a steel building kit, we provide either a stamped engineered plan or installation instructions to assist you in the erection of your metal building.

    When you receive your kit, you should have a plan for unloading it. Be careful when handling painted surfaces so as not to damage the finish. To avoid this, ensure that the metal panels do not scrape up against each other. Carefully inspect each piece of your kit to ensure that there’s no shipping damage. If so, be sure to note this with the carrier.


    Storing Your Kit
    We don't recommend storing your kit for extended periods of time before assembly. If this is necessary, be sure to choose a dry locations with good air flow so moisture can't damage the metal panels. You can cover the steel panels with a canvas tarp – avoid using plastic as it can cause damage from condensation.

    Why Choose Metal?
    Metal buildings are a durable, low maintenance solutions for workshops, garages and hobby shops. Compared to wood or other traditional building materials, metal is resistant to damage from high winds, fire and termites. Since steel is self-supporting, no interior columns are necessary. This means that the interior layout of your metal building is totally customizable to fit your needs. With our prefab metal building kits, you’ll save money on construction costs since all of the pieces are pre-punched and pre-sized to fit your needs.

    Contact a Metal Depots sales representative today to find out more about our metal building kits.
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