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Metal Depots Handyman Building

  • These hybrid metal buildings with wooden posts and steel framing are a less expensive option than traditional steel buildings and are perfect for a garage, work area or just some extra space.

    What’s Included in my Building Kit?

    The Handyman Building Kit includes metal panels, steel framing, accessories, and a detailed shopping list for lumber. Steel framing helps the completed building withstand up to 110-mile-an-hour wind loads. Pre-cut and pre-punched holes make construction faster and easier, eliminating the need to measure and cut. Framing out windows and doors is straightforward, with all necessary accessories included.

    Color & Size Options

    Sturdy Metal Depots wall panels are available in 14 colors in the Handyman Kit. Matching screws make for a clean, professional-looking finish. Overhead door options are available in a variety of sizes to fit your needs. With some final trim, the Handyman building is ready to provide you years of reliable service.

    Learn more about the Handyman Building Kit.

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