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Virtually explore the advantages of our Metal Depots Building Kits and Carports.

  • Metal Depots Carport

    Tired of leaving your vehicles fully exposed to the elements? You can be on your way to having a new Metal Depots carport for your home today. Since all of the kit components are in stock and you can choose from a wide variety of colors and trim, you'll easily be able to assemble a carport to match the style of your home or building.

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    Metal Depots Backyard Building Video

    Whether you need extra storage for yard work, more workspace for your hobbies or need to clean out your garage, Metal Depots' Backyard Buildings are the ideal solution. The finish warranty comes with a 40-year paint warranty. Pre-drilled framing holes allow for quick and easy assembly. Floor kits and tie-down kits are available as options.

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    Metal Depots Building Erection Time-lapse Video

    Check out a time-lapse video of a Metal Depots customer's recent build to see how efficient the installation process can be.

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    Metal Depots Handyman Building

    Whether you need a garage, extra storage for your lawn tools or additional workspace for your hobbies, the Metal Depots Handyman Series is the quintessential do-it-yourself structure. The only building of its kind on the market, the Handyman consists of wood post columns (sold separately) and steel framing. This unique hybrid framework style ensures that the Handyman is as economical as it is customizable. With a variety of color combinations and sizes from which to choose, you can be sure to select the perfect building to meet your needs.

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    We create buildings solutions so our communities grow and thrive. We’re relentlessly committed to keeping your business running. Together, we’re #SteelStrong.

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