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Commercial Roofing Applications

  • Metal Depots is committed to providing consistent quality and reliable service and support. You can count on Metal Depots to help you place your orders quickly and efficiently, whether you need a few components to complete your project or require an entire metal roof and wall system. 

  • What types of buildings use metal roofs?

    Metal Depots' roofing panels are used in many commercial applications. Because of their durability and versatility, metal roofs perform well on industrial buildings and can withstand harsh conditions in any climate. They are also lightweight, low maintenance, fire retardant and can last up to 60 years. A few examples of buildings that can benefit from metal roofs include:

    • Religious Buildings
    • Schools
    • Restaurants
    • Retail Space
    • Offices
    • Warehouses
    • Terminals
    • Hangars
    • Sheds
    • Garages
    • Barns
  • Are commercial metal roofs energy efficient?

    Metal roofs can help building owners reduce energy bills and manage properties more efficiently. Due to their high solar reflectance and high emissivity, metal roofs keep buildings warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer, meaning more money in your pocket. The color of the roof can also affect how the roof performs; light colored roofs can reflect even more light.

  • What are the best panels for commercial buildings?

    The LokSeam® standing seam metal panel is one of the most popular choices for commercial applications because of its sleek appearance and durability. The PBU and PBR panels are exposed fastening panels that can be used horizontally or vertically, while the Retro-R® panel can be installed on top of old R-panels, allowing for fast and easy installation. Contact us or visit one of our retail locations to learn which panel is right for you.

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